Apple Made Another Pod. It’s Insanely Great.

This tiny thing is going to be huge.


I never planned to get a HomePod. But now I really want one. I just spent about a half hour in the Apple Store jamming to and playing with the HomePod. First thing’s first, this thing sounds absolutely incredible. It’s like Apple crammed a concert hall into a tiny cylinder. HomePod is impeccably small. You’d never expect it to be as tiny as it is by just seeing the pictures on Apple’s website. It’s so small that if it were portable I’d carry it around in my backpack.


HomePod sounds truly amazing. The quality of the audio is better than any speaker I’ve ever heard before. I was blown away when I told HomePod to turn the volume up to 100%. It can get insanely loud and still continue offering unbelievable sound.


I was pleasantly surprised by Siri on the HomePod. While lots of reviewers have called it quite stupid, I was impressed. It got almost every query right except for a few hard to pronounce song titles. I asked it to read me the news and it started playing CNN, it even offered other stations to me. I asked it about the weather, about traffic, and other things you’d typically ask Siri. Each time I got a pretty good response. The “display” on the top of HomePod is really handy. While it seems novel, the capacitive touch surface offers volume buttons and audio controls. I can definitely see Apple adding more visuals to the device in the future.


Typically I prefer the white versions of Apple products, HomePod isn’t any different. The white HomePod is quintessentially Apple. It’s almost adorable. The space gray one is nice too, but definitely for people who want the least eye catching model.


This thing is gorgeous. Sure, it’s very unassuming and is quite obviously a speaker, but it’s one of those products you can’t help but just smile at. The speaker mesh is super soft and makes you want to squish the device. It’s kind of heavy but you won’t be moving it much. Like I said before, the display on top is bright and responsive too.

Why I Can’t Get One Yet

HomePod has a key problem that prevents me from buying one. I have a roommate, which of course sucks, especially when it comes to a product like this. Not only that but I’m not entirely sure HomePod can even connect to my school’s secure wifi. I’ll have to wait until I live alone to get one, which hopefully isn’t that far off. Long story short, I’m incredibly impressed by HomePod and want one as soon as I can possibly get one. I didn’t expect to get filled with the classic sensation of joy that only Apple products can give you with HomePod. Instead of being underwhelmed, HomePod gave me the same warm feeling I had when I tried AirPods for the first time.