Apple Needs to Let Us Customize Toolbars on iPad

MacStories iOS 11 Concept Video

I’ve found myself using quite a few extensions on my iPad in apps like Safari over the past few weeks. It got me wanting the ability to add extensions to the toolbar in Safari. I was reminded of Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett’s iOS 11 concept from a few months ago where this was a feature that they included. You could simply drag an extension from the share sheet to the navigation bar and it would lock into place. In their example, the 1Password extension becomes a button alongside the bookmarks icon in Safari. I’d love to be able to put Workflow right up in the navigation bar or even a button for LookUp. I’m holding out hope that this feature makes its way to iPads with iOS 12 later this year. In the meantime though, you can dream along with me by rewatching the MacStories concept video from last year.