Contrast Releases Weather Atlas

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing what I believe is the most superb weather app ever created for any device. As a fervent user of Carrot Weather for the past several years, I can confidently say that I’ve switched to Weather Atlas. Don’t get me wrong I hate leaving one indie app for another, especially one I’ve been so loyal to. However, Contrast has really raised the bar for app design with Weather Atlas. It feels and looks like it’s the first app designed with the notch and the next generation iPhone in mind. I would even go one step further and say that it is an exemplary model for the future of iOS user interface design. Everything feels carefully considered and designed with a purpose in mind. Not only does everything work really well, it’s also incredibly customizable. You can change the set of icons used to represent weather conditions across the app as well as the home screen icon. Contrast has provided users with a myriad of options, so there is something for everyone here. I think it’s a great app that everyone should try. I also highly suggest paying for the in-app subscription not only to gain access to more features but to also support the great team at Contrast.