HomePod Looks Poised for Success

Back at WWDC in June. Not only is HomePod available for delivery or pick up on February 9th, but the first reviews are beginning to drop. I’m expecting videos from The Verge and other major tech news outlets soon, but in the meantime Lance Ulanoff has published an early review of the smart speaker. On his Medium blog, Lance talks quite favorably of the HomePod. Here are just a few interesting tidbits:

Put simply, Apple’s HomePod appears as good a smart speaker as most and a better audio device than many.
The matrix of audio components is not inconsequential. In my listening party, songs like Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You picked apart the track, letting me hear both Sheeran’s guitar picking and the clarity of his voice. It was like he was playing in a small café for an audience of me. The bass notes on songs like Gregory Porter’s Holding On and Ariana Grande’s Side by Side were deep and resonant.
What Apple has here is an ultra-high-quality speaker and the first physical instantiation of Siri without a screen. The fact that Apple is finally entering the smart speaker race is cause for muted celebration. It’s attractive, sounds amazing and is an excellent Siri ambassador.

All of this bodes well for the future of the HomePod. However, it is crucial that Apple gets the missing AirPlay 2 and linking features out soon in a software update. You can read Lance’s full piece here: