I Have a Confession, I’ve Been Using Spotify

A little over a week ago I decided to give Spotify premium a try. This wasn’t because of the service itself, it was because of the sweet student offer that gets you Hulu and Spotify together for just $4.99/month. I’ve been using Apple Music since the day it came out and Beats Music before that. When I decided to sign up for the student Spotify plan I figured it would be worth giving it a try if I was paying for it with Hulu. So over the past week Spotify has replaced Apple Music in the dock on my iPhone. I have a lot of thoughts about the Spotify app. First off are the things that I like namely the dark aesthetic. It looks particularly fantastic on the iPhone X’s OLED display. Their radio and custom playlists are really good. I haven’t used the service long enough to know whether or not they are better than the ones that Apple Music creates so I’ve decided to not pass further judgment. I think it is pretty safe to say that Spotify is on par with Apple Music for the most part. Some of my music wasn’t available on Spotify which was disappointing, but the service is practically the same in terms of functionality.

As for things that I do not like in the Spotify app, it all starts with the layout. Spotify doesn’t place the user before the service. Apple Music keeps your library right up front, but Spotify buries it and puts it all the way to the right of the tab bar. The interface feels less refined than the Apple Music one yet it still looks nice. The now playing screen is very simple and clean but leaves something to be desired. So it’s a nice app that requires some refining.

The iOS app isn’t the only one that I’ve been using. The Mac app is much better than iTunes. It’s more modern and much faster than Apple Music is within iTunes.

Overall, I like Spotify premium. I’m still trying it out to see if I prefer it over Apple Music. But at the moment I don’t see what’s really that different beyond the app design and Apple’s custom content. I suspect that I will ultimately return to Apple Music, but I’d like to continue using Spotify for a bit longer. I’ll definitely get back to you and reveal which one I choose to stick with.