iPhone X — The First 24 Hours


iPhone X represents a major shift for the product. It’s not trying to build upon last year’s iPhone, it’s trying to build on the past ten years of iPhone. Instead of just being a new iPhone, it’s the first in a new generation of iPhones. I’ve only had my iPhone X for a little under 24 hours, but I’ve already gotten used to the new user interface concepts that have been introduced with it. All of the gestures and swipes are very intuitive. The only change I’m not a fan of is the new placement for control center behind the right ear. I’ll get used to it though.

Face ID

Face ID is magical. I can finally admit how much I hated Touch ID. Sure, it kept my phone secure, but virtually every time I used it I had to wipe my phone off or brush my fingers on my pants. Touch ID did a terrible job of reading my fingerprint on my 5s, 6 Plus, 6s, SE, 7, and 8 Plus. Now I know that it works for most people, but I tend to have relatively sweaty hands, particularly from holding the phone for an extended period of time. Face ID is completely invisible. It really does just work. The initial face scan is shockingly quick, making you think that you didn’t even do it. Face ID works so much better both for quickly unlocking your iPhone and for authenticating apps. Long story short, I love it. I can’t wait for all my devices to adopt it. I also can’t forget to mention Animoji. They’re so much fun to play with and I’m sure Apple will continue to build upon them.


One thing that a lot of people were concerned about was whether or not their favorite apps would be updated for the iPhone X at launch. I was delighted to see that virtually all of the apps that I use everyday have been updated for the iPhone X. I’m not entirely sure if this is just because I tend to use more indie apps than big name apps, but even Facebook and YouTube have been updated. Apps that haven’t been updated like Google Maps or the popular RSS reader Reeder don’t look great. They just make the iPhone X look like a first generation Pixel. If iPhone X really does take off and spawns a large amount of upgraders, I assume most developers will end up putting in the effort to update their apps for the Super Retina Display quickly. Nilay Patel at the Verge was particularly concerned about this in his review and when mentioning that the Delta app wasn’t updated to Walt Mossberg, Mossberg said “It’s a fuckin airline.” I LOVE Walt. I couldn’t have said it any better.


The iPhone X is hands down the most beautiful iPhone ever made. Traditionally, the iPhone 4 is considered the most beautiful iPhone ever made because of it’s incredible attention to detail. Steve Jobs called the design of the iPhone 4 “as close as kin as an old Leica camera.” iPhone X joins the original iPhone and the iPhone 4 as the most beautiful of the product line. The glass back is pearlescent and clean of miscellaneous symbols or details. The new camera bump has been turned into a stunning design element. And now, if you have a US iPhone X, the only text on the device is the word “iPhone.” It’s by far the most Apple-y touch on this year’s iPhones. The surgical stainless steel band that runs around the iPhone X is more reminiscent of the original iPhone design than any iPhone in between. It’s just gorgeous. The display is the best that Apple has ever shipped. It’s color reproduction is phenomenal and colors just pop. Since this is the first OLED iPhone, blacks just fade into the face of the iPhone X. When the Apple Watch came out I said that it was a preview of what was to come for future iPhones. That has proved to be true. The iPhone X now looks like the parent of the Apple Watch, especially with the silver stainless steel models. The two devices now share tons of design elements.


Every year iPhone gets a better camera. This year however, we’ve gotten one of the biggest updates to the camera ever. The new cameras on iPhone X capture beautiful photos, especially with portrait mode. The front facing camera takes selfies that will make your jaw drop. I don’t know much about camera technology, so I’ll just say this: you don’t need any other camera but your iPhone X.

The Leather Folio

Each iPhone since the iPhone 5s has gotten an array of Apple designed custom cases. iPhone X is the first to get an Apple designed leather folio. I chose this as my first case for my iPhone X and I love it. Not only does it cover the glass and protect it when it’s in a bag or pocket, it also works like an iPad Smart Cover. When you open and close the case, it wakes and sleeps your iPhone X. There are also two slots for cards or cash for those things that don’t support Apple Pay.

Should You Buy One?

Yes. However, it’s not for everyone. For less tech savvy people, there’s the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Internally, they have the same processor as iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus has a camera that is virtually the same as the iPhone X’s. So if you aren’t ready to jump onto the iPhone X train, get the iPhone 8 Plus. Steer clear of the smaller 8. But if you want the next big thing, get the iPhone X.

The Stores

As a side note, I want to add that I haven’t seen the stores this busy in years. Apple seems to have hit this one out of the park.

Palo Alto
Michigan Avenue
5th Avenue