Star Wars Secrets, Apple Glasses, & New Ads on Today’s Rundown

Today has been pretty slow. There’s not a whole lot of tech news let alone exclusively Apple news. I do have a few thoughts on things that were reported today. Bloomberg reported that Apple discussed what it takes to make AR glasses with a variety of suppliers at CES this week. I think this is really exciting because it’s the first indication that we’ve seen in a long time that Apple glasses might be in the pipeline.

Apple also released a new iPhone X ad today highlighting the new Portrait Lighting features. It’s a really great ad that I highly suggest you take a look at. I’ve embedded it below.

Lastly, I really loved reading about how Star Wars director Rian Johnson kept the screenplay for The Last Jedi from getting stolen in the Wall Street Journal. Apparently Johnson used an “air-gapped” MacBook Air, meaning it was never connected to the internet. In hindsight it is an incredibly simple way to protect your data but also a fascinating look into movie development.