My Favorite Devices of 2017

Last year brought plenty of new and exciting products. Whether you are a gamer, an entertainment buff, a tech enthusiast, or really anyone, there was something for you. I’ve broken down a list of my favorite gadgets from 2017.

Nintendo Switch

As a lifelong Nintendo fan, I’ve been waiting for their next big hit. For a few years the company was flailing but they finally hit their stride in March when they released the Switch. The Switch has become a huge hit, selling more than 10 million units in its first 9 months. Not only did Nintendo release an excellent console, they managed to launch an incredible array of hit games like The Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. The only console designed to work in the home and on the go makes it a gamer’s must have device.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home is the only major competitor to Amazon’s Echo. After a year the company finally launched their answer to the smaller $49 value Echo Dot. The Google Home Mini is much prettier than the Echo Dot and the Google Assisstant is much smarter than Alexa. Right now it’s just $29 which is an steal.

Amazon Echo Spot

After the flop that was the Echo Show, the company needed to find a way to make the device more appealing. Their answer? The Echo Spot, a tiny orb that looks like a classic alarm clock with a circular touch screen. It does everything the Echo Show does in a smaller and more beautiful package.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2nd Generation)

I’ve never owned a black and white Kindle, but this year’s Oasis was the first to really tempt me into buying one. The design is unique and more stunning than ever with its metal chassis and grippy design. Its unique cover system makes cases more than just protection too. While it is pricey, a real reader will want the best possible Kindle.

iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

The new iPad Pros introduced in June built upon the great foundation that was laid by the original two iPad Pros. Their pro motion displays make them magical to use, their new cameras make them great for photographers, and they are faster than ever. iOS 11 made the iPad, for the first time, a true computer replacement too. The new 10.5" iPad Pro adds extra screen real estate making it easier to use the smaller iPad Pro for real work.

Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS + Cellular

I’ve been a major proponent of the Apple Watch since it was first introduced in 2014. I’ve worn one practically every day since I first got mine in April of 2015. Each year they have improved the device making it faster and easier to use. The most recent one, the Apple Watch Series 3 is impeccably fast, allows Siri to speak to you, and has cellular data compatibility when your iPhone is not around.

iPhone X

The tenth anniversary of iPhone promised to be a huge upgrade over previous models and it turned out to be more than true. The iPhone X’s corner to corner display is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. Its cameras are absolutely incredible. Face ID works most of the time and its new gesture based version of iOS is very easy to learn quickly. Finally, it’s so nice to finally have wireless charging in an iPhone. Rest assured, its high price tag is well worth it.


While AirPods technically were released in late December of 2016, they didn’t become widely available until mid 2017. AirPods are the best wireless headphones ever created. Their small and have already become iconic. Their charging case holds a full 24 hours and is very durable. They charge with a standard lightning cable and pair instantly to all of your devices using iCloud. They pause when you remove them from your ears and can be customized to activate Siri.