Panic’s Discontinuing Transmit on iOS. Here’s Why This is a Bad Sign.

Last week Cabel Sasser of Panic announced that the software development house was discontinuing their FTP client, Transmit for iOS. This is really bad in my opinion. This looks really bleak for the future of iOS productivity. The iPad has become many people’s main computer and apps like Transmit are a requirement for a platform that envisions replacing macOS someday. Not only is it disappointing to see Transmit leave the platform because of it’s functionality, but it’s even more disappointing because Panic makes incredible apps. Losing Transmit for iOS is very bad for the iPad productivity community, which I happen to be part of. I personally don’t use Transmit but I still know just how important it is for some people. I’ve used Coda and played a bit of Firewatch and from that I know just how bad of a sign it is that such a high caliber app couldn’t make it on a platform with more than a billion devices in use. Not only is this a loss for the iOS user base, it’s also a loss for Panic. I hate seeing indie developers have to discontinue phenomenal apps because they cannot survive in the App Store. We’ve seen this a few times but this one is particularly odd considering the spike in iPad productivity. While there surely aren’t as many nerds using iPads as much as Macs, I still would have thought that there was enough of a user base to sustain Transmit for iOS. Unfortunately for Panic there just wasn’t enough of an incentive for them to continue development of the app. I suggest that if you think you will need a great FTP client in the future on iOS, you download Transmit before it leaves the App Store.

I’ve transitioned to using an iPad with a Brydge keyboard for most tasks. I usually only go back to my MacBook when I need to work in the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. I sincerely hope that this is just a blip on the radar and that this doesn’t happen to other apps. I also hope that more desktop class apps get ported to iOS, but this doesn’t make iOS look any more appealing to developers who haven’t yet chosen to port their apps. It would be great if Panic gets to bring the app back in the future. But I believe that the iPad needs to replace a few more computers before that happens. And for that to happen, Apple needs to continue to push the iPad forward.

If you want to pick up your copy of Transmit before it vanishes, uses the link below!