The Next X Years Begin Tomorrow (Update)

Ten years ago the iPhone launched to thunderous cheers from Apple faithful around the world. The iPhone’s pre-introduction catchphrase was “The First 30 Years Were Just The Beginning.” As it turns out, the first 10 years of iPhone were just the beginning and tomorrow marks the beginning of the next 10 years. iPhone X represents a major step towards a future where technology is virtually invisible. iPhone delivered life changing technologies like the web in the palms of our hands, social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, DSLR like cameras that fit in our pockets, and an entire ecosystem of tiny software packages called apps that now number in the millions. iPhone X is about to start delivering the next set of life changing technologies. Perfected augmented reality, corner to corner ultra high resolution displays that make the device practically just a screen, incredible cameras that are now like having a studio in your pocket, power facial recognition technology for increased security and maximum fun in the form of animoji, and an entire generation of incredibly powerful wireless accessories that “just work.” Stay tuned for my initial impressions of iPhone X.

Updated 11.4.17 at 12:20am to reflect that I would like to take some extra time to gather my thoughts about iPhone X.