This is One Reason the Notch Exists

Earlier today Evan Bless AKA @evleaks on Twitter leaked a photo of Google’s new Pixel phone. My immediate reaction was that this phone is very ugly. It’s a boring and basic design that doesn’t do anything for me. But there’s one really key thing to note about the phone and that’s the huge bezels. The Pixel 2 XL has a chin and a forehead as well as relatively thick side bezels. It just doesn’t get close to the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8. What this whole thing taught me however, was that the notch absolutely should be embraced and I’m glad that they’re embracing it. The iPhone X is the only phone in the world that has a corner to corner display. We can thank the notch for that. The notch holds everything, allowing the forehead to disappear. And new gestures in iOS 11 make the home button completely unecessary. The Pixel 2 XL looks a phone that should have come out two years ago. It’s just not good enough and appears to not be a worthy successor to the original Pixel. This is another case of Apple leapfrogging the competition. They weren’t the first to do edge to edge screens, but they’re the best and they are the first to have one that goes corner to corner.

Some might argue against me and say that the iPhone 8 still has an enormous chin and forehead. I forgive this because the iPhone is known for its iconic shape. The chin and forehead are staples. And it’s not like Apple isn’t also offering a bezel-less alternative. From what it looks like there won’t be a Pixel with a corner to corner display. Even the Essential Phone has a chin. I’d rather have the large notch than a tiny cyclops eye and a chin. I didn’t even mention the smaller Pixel 2. Its bezels are ginormous and look terrible with the design of the new Pixel family.