This One Checkbox in High Sierra Will Change How You Use Your Mac

I decided when High Sierra was announced that it wouldn’t be necessary to write a full fledged review of the new OS. On the surface, it doesn’t have many changes. But under the hood it reinvents your Mac. This isn’t a review, but before I get into the main point I want to make in this article I just want to say that macOS High Sierra genuinely improves your Mac’s performance in a palpable way. And while there aren’t that many new features in High Sierra, one hidden one in particular really stands out. iOS 11 introduced the ability to type to Siri. While it’s a great feature on the iPhone for accessibility users, it makes more sense to speak to Siri on iOS devices. Last year when Apple added Siri to the Mac with macOS Sierra, many couldn’t figure out what it was good for. It was less powerful and it’s just not as natural to speak to your Mac in comparison to a handheld device like an iPhone. Apple has changed this with High Sierra.

I love using it for reminders

The type to Siri feature has made its way over to the Mac now with High Sierra. I would consider it the most important user facing feature in macOS High Sierra. Command line tools like Terminal are terrifying for most consumers. But Siri is transformed into a conversational command line that speaks standard English when you turn this feature on.

Click the dock icon or the menu bar icon to activate Siri

Siri is arguably more useful than ever. I’ve been using it to remind me about things on my Mac, to check the weather, do calculations, and ask basic questions. Turning on type to Siri transforms the digital assistant on the Mac and makes it much more useful. I barely used Siri in Sierra but I find myself using it all the time now. To turn on type to Siri, open System Preferences, select Accessibility, then select Siri, and check off Enable Type to Siri.

It’s incredibly easy to enable type to Siri