Upcoming Podcast App ‘sodes is the App Apple Should’ve Made

‘Sodes Twitter Cover Image

I’ve been using the same podcast app for years. Overcast by Marco Arment has been the gold standard by which podcast apps are judged since its introduction in 2014. It’s been a long time since Overcast or other podcast apps were innovated on, which is why I was so excited to see that a new podcast app is in the works by developer Jared Sinclair. His new app called ‘sodes releases in February and is currently available for preorder on the App Store for just $2.99. You can preorder it yourself here:

I’m incredibly excited about this app, especially as someone who loves podcasts and beautiful user interface design. My first reaction to seeing screenshots of the app was “this is the podcast app Apple should have made.” I haven’t gotten a chance to use ‘sodes yet as I’m still waiting to try out the beta in TestFlight. However, from what I’ve seen, ‘sodes looks fantastic. Sinclair has applied the new design style that Apple introduced in iOS 11 better than Apple itself. Big bold text with rounded rectangles that have dynamic drop shadows let it fit right in with the rest of iOS. The UI also appears to have a great layout that makes it easy to use and to keep track of what you are listening to. I would go as far as to say that Apple and other third party developers should take note here and implement some of these UI elements and styles into other iOS apps.

Screenshots of ‘sodes on the App Store

While clearly a simple and straightforward app, it looks like a serious contender for best podcast app on iOS. What’s interesting to me though is how the app doesn’t offer account support, download support, or any audio tricks. It’s clearly intentional, since the app is supposed to be used for casual listening. But if the app catches on maybe it will be expanded. The simplicity may be a problem for some people, but for most it does exactly what a great podcast app should. ‘sodes is expected to launch on February 15th for $2.99. I cannot wait to check it out.