WATCH Sport Loop Review

Apple has only introduced two radically new Apple Watch bands since the release of the first watch in 2015. The first was the woven nylon band in early 2016. And last week we were introduced to sport loop. I’ve been wanting Apple to create a band like this for quite some time. The sport loop is simply wonderful. It doesn’t quite have the charm that other bands have, but it’s more practical than most others. It’s soft and comfortable, in fact it kind of feels like a pillow for your wrist. While the band itself is made out of a soft fabric, it’s also shaped like the Milanese loop band. Sure the material is fantastic, a million times better than the woven nylon band, but it truly is the shape that makes it so great. It’s infinitely adjustable just like the Milanese loop but it’s also perfect for working out. It’s the best of both worlds, comfy and soft for working out and stylish and sophisticated for most other occasions. If you’re looking for a new watch band you should definitely take a look at the sport loop, especially at just $49.