College Concerns

I’m not all that worried about college, things in the past have just always kind of worked out for me. I fairly certain I can get a scholarship and my parents have already agreed to help me pay for tuition. I’m not worried about the classes because, hopefully, they’ll all be art classes (I’m planning on studying industrial design). I’ve never had any problems with homework or tests or anything like that, and I’ve always had enough time to be able to do what I want outside of school.

And why am I not worried? Lots of other people are, so why not me? Like I said things just always seem to work out and I have a very go with the flow, relaxed outlook on life. There’s a lot of things I can’t control in the world. How much college is gonna cost, how much homework I have, how much my parents are going to help me pay for college. And if I can’t control these things I don’t wast time and energy worrying about them. As for the things I can control, how much money I have, how much I want to go to college, I don’t worry about those either because, hey, I can control those things. My overall angle on life is “don’t worry about things that are out of your control, because you can’t change them. And don’t worry about things that are in your control, because you can change them.”