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as I sit here wondering how I did I end up here, my path has not been the easiest and it surely hasn’t been the safest I ponder on the memories that I have back in my childhood. Things can only go up from here…. I hope. Around me I have a ton of individuals making up assumptions and there goes my peace and freedom, No! That behavior can not and will not forsake the moral values and beliefs that I live by. Keep it pushing I say, but does that always keep the flies away? No how do you not know how to love the one you were entitled to be with? Why won’t you wake up baby girl and see that’s not the man you need to keep. He will continuously be poison if you allow him to be in your life. Affecting your emotions as if you don’t have 2 beautiful young ladies with rich, high quality features looking up to you. Seeing how weak minded your husband can make you out to be. Dragging you along while he does his deeds. Not protecting you the way things should be, are you truly happy with yourself or are you just pretending to be? Does he make you feel wanted or just make you feel as if you’re beneath. That can not be love baby LISTEN TO ME.

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