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These days, so many things call for our attention.

The practice of branding in commercial tradition has been employed to craft clearer calls to a person’s identity, to help legitimize their consumer choice. Now influencing more than customer decisions, branding has begun transforming the identities and strategic trajectories of entire organizations by reframing their positions in the world. Branding is a kind of integrated organizational development. And the core of a high-quality approach captures the truth of something people are intrinsically receptive to.

What if the process of outside-in, branding-as-facade transformed? …

Making empathy and collaborative action more accessible in post-election America.

Ever have a different political opinion from someone you care about, but feel so upset that you can’t even talk with them? The American political process is intended to enable our collaboration, but it’s increasingly become a tool for divisive conflict on both sides of the aisle. Our mounting self-certainty and demonization of other viewpoints is undermining that very thing that unites us: our ability to harness disagreement and collaborate toward a brighter future.

America’s post-election fallout was epic. But the real problem isn’t political. It is social. Humans have a severe social blindness when they forget that in matters…

“The stone wanted to inform me that our substance was common” – Italo Calvino

Why don’t we more regularly rely on “human” to describe our everyday identity?

We use national identity, ethnic identity, gender identity, age identity, professional identity, spiritual identity, style identity — the list goes on — to remind ourselves and others of “who we are.” Yet at the real, physical level, we are bags of skin, pieces of meat, walking around with bones carefully arranged and blood quietly flowing inside our bodies to actually generate our existence.

It seems the “human” identity isn’t as enthusiastically embraced, or…

How do we interpret signals of meaning and perceived value in the designed environment? And how can language reach the hospitality in our imaginations?

This observation explores the premise of a values-based form of communication – a metaphoric methodology – and its ability to influence our interpretation of brands, products, experiences, and knowledge.

The way we perceive shapes our reality by virtue of the meanings and value(s) we accept into our conscious experience.

A fundamental feature of our existence is our ability to perceive — to to “ . Humans have…

Observations on the vocabulary of forms that manifest brand meanings.

Aesop is an Australian skincare company founded in 1987 that has since architected and expressed one of the most beautiful brand programs in history.

This is not because Aesop is a part of the beauty industry; rather, its product, service, and communication designs have been so cohesively aligned in expressing core, transcendent principles. As a product company, it has consistently demonstrated an approach of revealing value rather than trying to sell it. In this sense, Aesop transcends beauty brands because it is seemingly more interested in the pursuit of beauty’s higher value: Beauty.

Beyond its external successes of arguably industry-leading…

Parker Simon

Exploring perception, meaning and design. www.parker-simon.com

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