Nights, weekends… lunch breaks?

Always be moving forward, always be improving, always (try really hard at least) to stay positive. Take any free second you have and make it count. It can be damn exhausting but I’d rather be exhausted then exhaustible by things I don’t care about.

I’ve been learning PHP for the past six months, albeit slowly, I feel I was starting to get a basic understanding of how it works, how to utilize it, and how to write it. However there was a roadblock in my mind about how to connect it with a useful application, how to gather information from users and how to feed the altered back to them. Well, I figured people would need to go through a website. I know next to nothing about HTML/CSS. I figured it was about time.

Side note: just wanna give a ‘hell yeah, brother’ to good friends pointing you in right directions. I have the fortune on knowing quite a few. One of them pointed me to Turing School’s github account with their curriculum where lo and behold HTML/CSS is something learned in the first week. Well, I felt directional again.

I’m just gonna put up some snaps of practice webpages I made so I can look back and see how awful I was. Its gonna suck if I don’t get any better.

The first one I made using only HTML. Learned lists, centering text, links, images with links fonts and borders. Pretty basic stuff but fun regardless. I was ridiculously proud of this when I first finished it.
Upping my game a bit with a mock webpage for my Dad. (same dude who gave me my incessant curiosity). Learned headers, list styling, borders rounding, images, google fonts, and better use of colors. Sorry for the shark one.
CSS and bootstrap made all the difference for a beutiful page. I installed it all on my own and created my own mock page. Still not entirely comfortable with it or understand what every class and ID gives but trial and error on this page for a week really helped me understand a lot.
I was thinking I might try and actually send it live but I’d like to have more actual examples of work I’ve done rather than images with links to google. I did set up a nice folder structure (Thanks Garmin.) Once I refine it a bit more I’ll probably make an attempt at hosting it.

Over all I’m happy with how much I’ve learned in a little over two weeks. Been spending nights after work, weekends, and have even brought my laptop to work to get in 45min of practice during lunch.

Unfortunately I can’t shake the feeling that I’m still not learning quickly enough and absolutely loathe doing mundane everyday things that get in the way of learning or cycling… but that’s just my nature and I have to deal with it!

Now that I feel I have the most minuscule understanding of HTML/CSS I’m gonna take a quick jump into exploring JavaScript and see if I can come back to webpages refreshed and hopefully with some useful skills from JS!

p.s. The Drive movie soundtrack while learning is primo.


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