A little background on the Document Object Model

Hot Take: The Internet is one of the most influential pieces of technology of the modern era.

While that “hot take” is left purposefully vague, I’m not so sure it really matters. The take shouldn’t be that hot at all to anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock for the last fifty years. Life is more interconnected than ever before. Technology is being shared to more people and in more places than ever before. …

An Intro to Debugging for Ruby and A Step Away From TDD Training Wheels

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Today, programming skills have become more accessible with the proliferation of online and in-person training programs and schools. More and more people are beginning to wrestle with the love-hate relationship that programming can be and as you begin to grapple with it, most people are now being exposed to test driven development programs at the very ground level to learn these foreign languages.

A key tool in getting people moving forward with their skillset in the world of programming and code is to use this test driven development, or TDD, to test and coach along a developing skillset. This approach involves working with new concepts and tools through test code files that are provided to you, and that verify whether or not whatever efforts you have put forward are getting the job done. These tests can be extremely helpful and allow you to get instant feedback on what you are or aren’t doing right; this of course is assuming the test code is…

A “solid” choice for programmers interested in blockchain

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One of the hottest fields in technology right now is that of the blockchain. Largely popularized by its use in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, this technology has potential uses far exceeding just the currency sector. The concept of having a distributed, decentralized, public ledger to streamline processes, cut overhead, and minimize room for error or tampering is very attractive. As such, there are new projects trying to apply blockchain in different ways all of the time. New languages have been created to more readily and efficiently handle the development of these new blockchain-based programs that are on the…

How To Make Simple Fetch Requests More Efficient in JavaScript

Adorable puppy with a tennis ball in its mouth that is half the size of its head.
Adorable puppy with a tennis ball in its mouth that is half the size of its head.

When dealing with building or working on web applications as a budding developer, you will almost certainly be confronted with the need to send and/or receive data from some sort of repository so that you can manipulate it in your program. If you are trying to render this data asynchronously to the front end of a web application, you very well may need to get familiar with JavaScript and the fetch( ) method to do so.

While there are other ways to get data to your web application, the fetch method is very convenient and purpose-built for doing so. At…

Using Byebug and Rails Console to Help Demystify the Magic of Rails

While not necessarily occupying a space at the forefront of popular programming languages these days, Ruby has been used to build a number of impressive programs. While it is a perfectly capable tool to build fantastic programs in it’s own right, Ruby has an amazing web application framework that it can utilize called Rails that makes that process that much easier and more powerful.

If you are learning to program and follow the object oriented programming route, Ruby and Rails are good places to explore. While you could…

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