Dream Of The River

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Simply flowing..
Without waiting ,
Without worrying,
Without looking back,
Simply flowing.
Flowing to live its dream,
Flowing to fulfill other’s dream,
Flowing like never before,
Simply flowing.
Not running from anything,
Not chasing anything,
Not expecting anything,
Simply flowing…
Taking whatever does,
Respecting whatever doesn’t,
Want To come with it.
Simply flowing…
Forgetting what has happened,
Forgetting what should have happened,
Forgetting even what is happening.
Simply flowing…
Dreaming the present,
Forgetting the past,
Traveling the future,
Simply flowing…
Let going the fear to meet the sea,
Let going the worry that journey would end,
Let going speculation whether it will get a chance to flow again or not,
Simply flowing…
Discovering its purpose,
Enjoying its purpose,
Completing its purpose,
Simply by flowing…
Not wanting to pause this dream,
Not wanting to wake up from this dream,
Not wanting to consider this as dream,
Simply flowing and flowing!!!


Poem: Parv Parkhiya (parvparkhiya@live.com)
Music Credit: River flows in you (by yiruma)