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New giveaway: Nantrade token giveaway event

Total reward: 2x/3x of initial deposit amount

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

🔶Top 20 participants who bought in presale will receive 15,000 NAN each

🔶500 lucky early participants will receive 5,000 NAN each

Giveaway link:

🔷Enter giveaway section and choose coin you will like to participate in giveaway event with, create an account and then proceed to checkout.

Note: Giveaway will end soon as allocated funds become exhausted and winners will be announced on all social media platforms within 24 hours.

Additional information:


This technology aims to give investors worldwide who are unfamiliar with crypto trading the platform to reliably and automatically trade with just a few clicks and enjoy the best trading experience.

Smart contract:



Step 1: Copy and paste the website link on your browser.

Step 2: Purchase NAN token and hodl it

Step 3: Wait for listing but don’t sell it and waste your shares! Put some up for staking

Step 4: Get shares occasionally by staking it in exchange!

Step 5: By following these steps you too can achieve financial freedom in life 🚀 🚀 🚀.

Continue to share and support our project as we usher in the future of arbitrage and AI trading. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Perhaps you have a question, contribution or need support for confirmation , Do Not hesitate to contact support for guidance and more information.



​📚Today try acting like you’re already the most motivated and successful person on the entire planet!

💭Smile wider, straighten your shoulders, and look boldly at the world… Add your own touch.

💭Pretend for just five minutes and these emotions will become your own. You will feel how it motivates you for real!

More updates will be released soon concerning token distribution as the 4th round of token presale is still in progress and decision to burn remaining tokens not sold is still under review by the NAN executive board.

Invest in the NanTrade platform and it’s AI trading bot feature to earn Massively 🔥🔥



Park Hoon

Park Hoon

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