Paola Baldion: Owning Your Origin Story to Make a Personal Impact On the World

Every day a story is told on social media that reaches tens of millions of people.

These stories are not big budget films or complex advertising campaigns, they’re created by humans just like you. But many people believe you need an expensive camera and extensive training to create a successful narrative, and that is not true at all. That’s why today we will be explaining how an intimate, authentic origin story is the most effective message.

Joining us is an international superstar. Paola Baldion is a social activist an Academy Award winning actress who has starred in films from Columbia to Italy. Paola is also the creator of the viral video, #IAmMigration.

#IAmMigration is a minute long video shot with a cell phone camera, but within a week, it received over 17 million views in Europe! She knows firsthand that you don’t need a whole crew to send your message, just an authentic story.

Paola and her husband Jamie are working on expanding their project, and aim to turn I Am Migration into a documentary.

They will be traveling across the United States, seeking the origin stories of everyday people. In fact, you may be able to be a part of their movement! Stick around and find out how! Email them at

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