How to Find the Perfect Parking Spot in NYC?

Parking in New York City is an art. Finding an available parking space on the busy streets of the city that never sleeps can be an annoying and time-consuming task. Even if you are lucky to locate a space, confusing signs, faulty meters and unfamiliarities with various regulations and restrictions can lead to costly parking tickets.

With spaces few and far between, and finding a spot to safely park your vehicle has always been an issue. The following tips will help you find the perfect parking spot in New York City.


It comes as no surprise that so many New Yorkers depend on parking garages. Even though parking in a garage is costlier than parking on the street, you will also save yourself time and frustrations, especially when you’re in a rush.

Parking Meters

The parking equipment in NYC is innovative. All meters accept coins, and few also accept credit cards. Look closely at the signs on and around parking meters to improve your parking know-how. When it comes to parking at meters, the time duration differs, from one hour to 12 hours and meter rates differ across each of the 5 boroughs. You have an option to pre-pay for parking at most meters with a NYC Parking Card, which can be purchased online. If you park at a faulty meter, make sure to pay the rate at a different meter and keep the receipt on your dashboard. You’ll be glad to know that on Sundays metered parking is free of cost.

Mobile App

Consider using a mobile phone application to find parking spots and garages. You can find many applications that provide a quick, fully-functional map that highlights garage prices and times.

Commercial Facilities

There are thousands of parking facilities in Manhattan, and prices differ greatly between neighboring lots and garages. If you want to discover the best parking spots in NYC and also save money, you can purchase coupons and savings online. If you are looking particularly to park in a commercial parking facility in NYC, visit their website to find the best deals and benefit from huge savings.

Park Outside NYC

Many train stations in suburbs have daily and long-term parking options. Parking outside NYC will not only help you avoid traffic or parking hassles, but will also ensure that your vehicle is safer when not parked on city streets. And best of all, you can use cheap NYC parking discount coupons to save money.

Other Helpful NYC Parking Hints

· Pay in advance. Many parking facilities offer a discount for renters who pay in advance.

· Outdoor lots offer huge savings to renting in a garage.

· Not all parking facilities are open 24 hours. Make sure to check their hours of operation.

· Get quotes for different spaces in your choice of neighborhood.

Parking in NYC is a monster that eats your time and energy. While some people bungee jump to get an adrenaline rush, New York drivers get the same thrill when by finding a parking spot. By following the above mentioned tips, you can secure a parking spot the not-so-hard way.

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