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Part of the fun of buying a new car is trying to figure out how to make its specific features work for you. The Kia UVO eServices app offers a variety of benefits for the driver and the car. As the technology in cars continues to progress, Kia is at the forefront of integrating your smartphone to your vehicle in inventive ways — this app does more than just play your favorite podcasts and music. This exclusive telematics feature is meant to put everything you need right in your pocket.

Parking Minder

Searching for your car is not only a waste of time, it can also be downright dangerous. Depending on where you park, you may invite the wrong kind of attention if you look like you’re lost. The parking minder can save the location of your vehicle, so you can navigate with total confidence. You can even easily send the location to a friend if you’re separated or need to meet later.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Not sure what those codes or symbols mean on your dashboard? You’re not alone. Drivers still make mistakes when it comes to catching problems in their car early, and those mistakes can be expensive. If you do need service, you can schedule an appointment or call Kia’s Roadside Assist from your vehicle or the app. You can also pre-select the dealership you want to do your regular maintenance, and request an appointment in one click with them too.

Synchronize MyPOIs

Always on the go, but want the best routes to your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or shopping malls? My Points of Interest (MyPOIs) refers to all of your favorite places that you can program into your car. You can easily sync those spots up to your MyUVO. It makes it even simpler to request them and find on your GPS.

Roadside Assist

When you’re in emergency-level trouble, all you have to do is click a button on your app, and Kia Roadside Assistance will be on their way to fix you up and get you back on the road.

My Car Zone

This feature is meant to be used for younger drivers. It lets parents know when the car is driven too fast, when it’s driven past a curfew or when it enters a forbidden place (e.g., downtown after midnight.) Excellent for those who need an extra set of eyes and ears when they can’t be in the car.

Trip Analytics

Find out more about how you drive on a larger scale. This feature will show you much time you spent on the road, how fast and how far you went. It’s excellent for those who want to curb dangerous driving habits or are looking for the best times to leave for work.

Kia also offers award badges for how often you use UVO, and will continue to listen to feedback to make this app even more beneficial to Kia owners. Upgrades and updates for this app will continue to come out as the technology is perfected.

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