UVO eService is Kia’s in-vehicle media controller and infotainment system that connects to your smartphone to provide lots of useful tools and information. UVO eService is based on Microsoft’s UVO service, short for Your Voice. As the name suggests, is a voice-controlled system. While UVO eService is integrated into your Kia vehicle via its 8-inch touchscreen, it also pairs seamlessly with your Android or iPhone device via a downloadable (and free) app.

In the world of mobile apps, some are strictly for fun and some are actually quite helpful. The new Kia UVO eService app definitely falls into the second category. It helps Kia owners to not only control their music and entertainment within their vehicle; it also helps them make the most of their Kia’s advanced technology. UVO eService can synchronize your maps and points of interest, can help keep up with things like scheduled maintenance and vehicle diagnostics, and can even provide an analysis of your monthly driving habits. So, what are some of the other things UVO eService can do?

UVO eService Features

  • Android Auto™. This feature for Android-based phones allows you to take advantage of all the popular apps under the Android Auto platform, including making voice or video calls, listening to and sending text messages via voice, getting turn-by-turn directions and more — all without taking your hands from the steering wheel.
  • Navigation. Using UVO’s voice command function you can open the navigation feature, request directions to your destination, and even have your Google Maps and Google Places display POIs (points of interest) on the screen. After your trip you can relive the journey using Trip Info to review your route, and the stops you made along the way.
  • Maintenance and Diagnostics. UVO eService can also notify you of scheduled maintenance, like an oil change or recommended service. In addition, Vehicle Diagnostics and Vehicle Health Reports can help you to make sure your Kia is operating in top condition. Critical Diagnostic Alerts will notify you of an urgent problem so that you can take immediate action.
  • Assist Services. In the event your Kia vehicle has mechanical issues that prevent operation, UVO will connect you with a Roadside Assistance operator to assist you. It will also send data about the problem using the onboard diagnostic service, along with your vehicle’s location and VIN. In the event of a collision, 911 Connect can even summon emergency services.

Entertainment and Convenience Features

  • Music. Of course UVO eService will let you listen to all of your favorite music using services like Pandora, SiriusXM, and even digital AM and FM HD Radio. In addition, Jukebox lets you stream your favorite tracks from your smartphone to your Kia’s audio system. And with USB, Aux input and Bluetooth, there’s no limit to the choices you have for listening.
  • Parking Minder. Never again lose track of your car — even in a huge parking lot. With Parking Minder, your smartphone’s GPS will let you find exactly where you’ve parked. You can even send the location to a friend if you want to meet up with them.
  • Voice Commands. From hands-free calling, text messaging, turning on the radio or calling up navigation, voice commands are as easy as pressing the “talk” button on your Kia’s steering wheel.

For more information about the Kia UVO eService system and mobile app, feel free to stop by our showroom here at 9929 Parkside Drive in Knoxville. We’ll make sure you’re able to use this exciting and convenient feature to its full extent.

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