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The thing you have to remember about any famous artist is that they weren’t always famous. And their early reviews weren’t always kind.

Before Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French national treasure, he was “Pierre who couldn’t sell a painting.” When Joan Miró, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, held his first solo exhibition 100 years ago, it was such a disaster that the unruly crowd actually started destroying the art.

It sometimes takes a while for society to catch up to a new artist or art movement. That was certainly the case with Pablo Picasso.


While most people know Picasso for his Cubist paintings, his innovative work in pottery and ceramics is increasingly gaining attention in the global art community. Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro walks us through the history of Picasso’s interest in ceramics.

The worldwide resurgence of interest in Picasso’s ceramic creations in recent years has fostered a deeper appreciation for this significant body of the artist’s herculean oeuvre, particularly as it was such an important part of his energies for decades, beginning in 1947 until the end of his life in 1973.

Numerous new and intriguing aspects about his works in…

Peter Nixon’s art beautifully blends the contemporary with the classical. Here, Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro talks about how Nixon’s immense talent is the result of a lifetime of passion and hard work.

Perhaps if Peter Nixon had been born and studied in the United States — where the 1960s and ’70s art schools had all but abandoned teaching the fundamentals in favor of a “do your own thing/everything is equally valid” mentality — he would have never become the extraordinary artist he is today.

“Dance Troupe II,” Peter Nixon

But Peter was born a Brit and, curiously, the British have been quite stingy…

Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro offers this overview of the remarkable life of acclaimed artist Duaiv, a contemporary Impressionist who has thrilled global audiences with his textured, evocative paintings.

No one can miss Duaiv and his wife, Magella, when they enter a room. To say they are eccentric does them no justice.

They plan their attire carefully for each venture out. With matching hair colors (blue, turquoise, and magenta are not uncommon), and exotic materials, patterns, and colors adorning their bodies — they project a distinct theatrical quality.

Duaiv and Magella

I have stepped into their upstairs bedroom and marveled at their…

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

One of the most popular recent news trends is the ascendency of those over-the-top articles about how millennials are “killing” everything in our economy.

There have been actual news articles swearing that the spending patterns of millennials are killing everything from real estate to mayonnaise to Applebee’s.

However, there is one thing that millennials apparently don’t want to kill — ART.

In fact, according to recent reports, millennials are spending more on art than ever before.

This week, Reuters reports that a 2018 survey conducted by UBS and art economist Clare McAndrew discovered that millennials are more actively buying art…

Israeli artist Itzchak Tarkay tragically passed away in 2012 while visiting Park West Gallery in Detroit. Here, Gallery Director Morris Shapiro remembers the legacy of his friend and a true master of art.

Mike and Trina were looking with me at an Itzchak Tarkay landscape painting when Mike asked, “What’s this?” He pointed to a red area resembling a road or path, leading into a space of lush trees and a few buildings in the distance.

I said, “Well it’s probably a road but since Tarkay likes to use color freely, like the Fauves, he probably felt it was the…

Flying sparks, dancing flames and chemical cocktails — these are the components that combine to create Chris DeRubeis’ Abstract Sensualism®.

Park West Gallery gives collectors an up-close look at DeRubeis’ creative process with its newest video. Most artists need brushes and canvases in their studios, but few require a gas mask, protective suit and goggles.

“I think I took it to the next level of creating something straight out of my head and experimenting with things that people normally don’t do or use to create art,” DeRubeis says.

Mini Burst Blue” (2015), Chris DeRubeis

DeRubeis fell in love with creating art when he was in…

Body Music II” (2007), Peter Nixon

Artist Peter Nixon knew he didn’t want to be like his fellow art students who dressed in drab clothing and created angst-filled art.

Instead, Nixon chose a more optimistic and challenging path for his art — capturing happiness and love.

“It’s much harder to paint happy, so I wanted to do subjects that were about wonder, about the wonderful things in life — joy, enthusiasm, listening to music, falling in love,” Nixon says.

These positive themes form the basis of Nixon’s paintings. To portray these themes, Nixon often turns to the dynamics and movement of the human figure. Nixon’s schooling…

Planning a vacation is always a good idea. From taking time away from the stress of work to making memories with friends and family, getting out of town is great for the soul.

While it’s always fun to take a trip, vacationing in February might be the best travel decision you make. Here are five reasons to get away this February.


Whether you’re living in the warmth of Florida or suffering through a Midwestern winter, everyone is susceptible to the winter blues. The shorter daylight hours mixed with long work weeks incite a longing for summer days. …

The history of art is anything but steady. From the iconoclasts of Medieval Europe to the unhinged avant-gardes of the Great War, few conventions have gone untested.

The female figure is arguably the only uninterrupted study in art history’s canon. Diversified in representation throughout the ages, we see her everywhere. In Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” she wistfully reminds us to dream, while in Leonardo’s da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” her smile beguiles us; in Willem de Kooning’s “Woman” series she threatens us, whereas in Norman Rockwell’s guise she warmly comforts us.

But who is she really? Is she all of…

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