Benefits of Sensual Massage

Park Yin
4 min readDec 21, 2017


It comes in many names, sensual massage also known as erotic massage, and more aptly and traditionally, tantric massage. Unlike other more common types of massages (think Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Thai, the list can go on), sensual massage is done as a sexual therapy to stimulate libido (among other benefits that we will mention in this article). It is of Eastern origins and is considered an art form as well as a kind of an effective physical therapy which has been practiced for years.

Carlo, who has already tried sensual massage in Singapore several times, shared that,” You have to be completely naked for this for complete, satisfying, and enhanced sexual arousal. I tell you, the experience is very liberating. It releases your inhibitions. Surprisingly, when I tried it a couple of years back, I was less tense and calmer after the massage. I noticed the long-term effect of the massage in many aspects of my life. I don’t feel depressed as often as I used to. I seem to take problems lightly now knowing that I will always find a solution to them. My wife, who tried studying about this erotic massage, also noticed how happier and less moody I have become ever since. I guess, those tight muscles were really softened by that massage. And a lot of those muscles were suddenly healed. Those massage relieved my anxiety and stress in an instance. It made me a more laidback and positive person.”

The article of Juliana titled 5 Great Benefits of Erotic and Sensual Massage posted at seems to agree with Carlo as it also mentioned how sensual massage can help one let go of inhibitions, “If you and your partner look like these people, you might not have problems with nudity. But sometimes, shyness and self-consciousness creep in when we are not feeling confident in our own bodies — and our intimate lives can suffer as a result. Sensual massage can teach you to let go of inhibitions and appreciate that your body is a powerful and wonderful instrument of pleasure and enjoyment. We were all born naked, and as young children we were happy and free — until society told us it was ‘wrong’. There is no shame in one’s naked form and function. We aren’t all young or beautiful models — most people in the world are average — that’s why the word “average” exists in the first place, as it means those who are in the middle between ugly and beautiful!” The same article further shared, “Research shows that massage increases the production of endorphins in your body while allowing your muscles to relax. Dopamine and serotonin are also released during erotic massage sessions. These are the body’s natural tranquilisers and feel-good hormones. Sensual massage are therefore great for more than just pleasure — but also a healthy lifestyle… The benefits of a good, skilled sports massage for aching muscles and overworked joints are well-known. Pressure on the muscles, connecting tissue, ligaments, joints, tendons and lymphatic nodes all have many benefits for the body. What isn’t so well-known is the health benefits of erotic massage. It stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles in much the same way as a normal massage — but it’s way more fun!”

Dan also tried this controversial body to body massage, “My friend recommended that I try it since he knew how I love massages that I used to have home service for Shiatsu in my own flat. He was right — tantra massage is really like no other. I felt a lot of negative energies within me are suddenly gone. I became more aware too of my bodily needs and it inspired me to go back in doing workouts again to keep feeling better every single day. I still go to tantra sessions whenever I have the time.”

Aside from assuring that bodily pains are healed, the same article above (5 Great Benefits of Erotic and Sensual Massage) mentioned that this kind of massage can actually help enhance relationships, “Sensual massage has a number of benefits for relationship partners. If you’ve been married for years, are starting a new relationship, or are a single person engaging in short-term love affairs — erotic massage is a great way to relax and make yourself open to your partner’s feelings. It enhances your ability to experience pleasure — which strengthens the relationship you have with your partner. Learn to be open and conscious of your own feelings and emotions, and those of your partner. This encourages deeper healing on many other levels.”