Particle Counters, Pressure Transmitters, Liquid Leak Detection and other Important Engineering Tools

The field of engineering involves a lot of different tools and machinery when it comes down to daily operations and tasks that needs to be done in order to complete the job or project as how it was presented. Tools like electronic particle counters, liquid leak detection system, pressure transmitters, power indicators and some other common tools that are used in factories for manufacturing different products and items are very important in order for them to properly monitor not just the quality of the products that they make, but also for these factories to make sure that their employees or workers are safe from any kind of incident that may happen in the work place.

These set of tools and equipment must be fully functional to ensure the smooth flow of the processes involved in daily operations. Engineers make sure that these equipment are in its best working condition to avoid errors that may occur in time of their use. For instance, particle counters usually undergo calibration, just like thermostats, gas and liquid detection system. Of course, different tools require different means of maintenance. Here are some common tools for used in different industrial companies that are not only essential but also very efficient when it comes to doing their job:


Gas detection system — This devices monitors any kind of gas or other kinds of emissions in the area where it is placed on. It is usually connected to a control system so in the event that there would be gas leakage, it can send a signal to stop any processes or ongoing operations for safety.

Liquid leak detection — As the name suggests, this devices detects leakage in the form of liquid. This can be attached to pipelines, tubes, or any other kinds of containers that stores or allows liquid to pass through them. It also displays information about problems in leakage, flow and in some variants, pressure of liquid.


Particle counter — This devices is responsible for counting physical particles of an object. It can be based on three things; direct imaging, light scattering or light obscuration. These methods of particle counting fundamentally differ from each other and often uses either laser or halogen light.

Thermostat — Unlike a regular thermometer which just detects the temperature in a surface or area, a thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature in a system. It can also activate a mechanism or a function in a system whenever it detects a certain predetermined temperature.


Fire detection — It is not just industrial factories that have fire detection systems. Even schools, company buildings, and even condominiums. This is very important for the workers’ and resident’s safety in case of fire. This is not an optional since it is actually required by the local authorities that deal with the safety of various buildings and establishments.

Alarm system — This device is often installed together with fire detection system or gas and liquid leakage system. Just as the name states, the alarm system is triggered whenever there is a potential problem that may cause fire or any kind of property damage and injuries in the building.