Tips for Room Fixing and Upgrading Your Own Space

Our rooms can mean a lot of things for us. It can be that haven you go home to when you feel so down and the rest of the world just ain’t being fair; it can be your cave where you need hideout; it can be a sanctuary of some of your most priced possessions. And it is only right to find time and exert effort to make it better — you know your room needs that much needed upgrade and you may have been staring at your lackluster space for years now, but are too hesitant to start making some changes.

Get up and start embarking upon that change. Here goes some tips for you:

Repositioning the bed: Maybe you’ve always wanted to move your bed closer to the window but your mother has told you to keep it at the center. But you know you just love the ray of the sun waking you up in the morning — and you’ve always imagined yourself peeking through the window while you lay down on your soft bed. Do it now! Your creative juices may flow better if you feel inspired as you wake up next to the window. Sometimes, having a great room is all about proper angling and geometry, so make sure you find the right spot even for your room furniture.

Reconstructing the wardrobe: Over time, we accumulate more things, more clothes, more shoes, more bags, more accessories — and we end up struggling to find our stuff when we need them most. Sarah from Singapore, who opted to hire someone to fix her sliding wardrobe and replaced her wardrobe sliding doors that are old, shared, “I needed to make a place for everything and arrange them in such a way that I will see everything at once. I’ve always had a wardrobe sliding door but it has been stuck for months, and I find it hard to get in. I also asked someone to repaint it and put more division inside so everything is in their proper places. Now, I feel that I will never get lost in my own closet because everything is just pleasantly orderly.”

Covering walls with tapestries: If you are bored with the plainness of your own room but don’t want to put permanent paints and patterns (because you know you are too fickle and it’s probable that you’ll want to change it again the moment you do so), covering your walls with tapestries might make your room look more artistic and bold. Take it as your own way of making a statement of who you truly are. After all, our room says a lot about our characters.

Assigning a space for your collections: It can be those paintings you’ve made yourself, it can be those books you’ve already read, musical instruments you were asked to learn, your medals and plaques, or those expensive toy cars you’ve always been shy to brag about. Buy some shelf, cabinet, or display racks and showcase what you’ve got and what you have achieved. Turning your room into a goal gallery isn’t such a bad idea either.