C2Legacy: 3 Things You Should Know About This Crypto Estate Platform

C2Legacy is the best news for cryptocurrency investors as it protects their crypto investments and ensures that their crypto investments transfer flawlessly to their heirs in the event of their death. C2Legacy was invented by Marie-Antoinette Tichler after realizing the gap that existed between digital investment and the ability of such investments to be passed on to the rightful heirs without much hassle. C2Legacy uses secure blockchain technology to not only secure the cryptocurrency investment and related information, but also ensure the safe access to the authentic investor’s death information from multiple platforms. Here are three things you should know about C2Legacy.

1. It Uses Blockchain Technology to Pass on Digital Assets

Perhaps one of the most challenging things when it comes to passing on any legacy after the demise of the investor is the complicated and, sometimes, lengthy process of proving ownership. C2Legacy uses blockchain technology to ensure that digital assets are passed on to the rightful heirs safely and without much time wasted. Blockchain technology links multiple platforms securely so that they can share information securely. When it comes to cryptocurrency and other digital properties, the information on the asset types, quantities, amounts, investor, proposed heirs, and other conditions, are shared and stored securely on multiple platforms such that in the demise of the investor, the information can be accessed and accepted by multiple platforms; from government platforms to the investment companies and the miners. This security and information availability, therefore, ensures that the rightful owners do not need to employ countless expensive attorneys to trace or facilitate the transfer of their loved one’s digital assets.

2. C2L Tokens Facilitate Transactions

As an online Digital Assets Management Platform, C2Legacy requires the investors who wish to use this platform to have a currency that allows them to facilitate their transactions. The currency, in this case, is the C2L tokens. The tokens will be used to develop the platform and equip it with the necessary, functional features that ensure the platform offers the users efficiency, security, multi-smart contract services, as well as immutability. Currently, the tokens are only available through SAFT to US residents who have investments assets of not less than $200,000.

3. Marie-Antoinette Tichler is the Founder and CEO

Marie-Antoinette Tichler comes from an entrepreneurial, community advocacy, and social technological background. She spent years developing technological platforms that engaged and taught the underserved youths to absorb and use technology for their growth. After learning the patterns of technology, as well as its ability to consume people’s attention, she felt there existed a gap between investments and the ability of people to leave their legacies to the people they wanted. Marie-Antoinette Tichler’s decision to start C2Legacy was further pushed into action when the father of her son passed on and she learned that her entrepreneurial son invested in Bitcoin. She decided to launch C2L to protect not only her son’s future but also enable everyone who invested in digital currency to feel comfortable enough to plan their future in the realization that C2Legacy protected their assets and would facilitate a stress-free legacy transfer.

Final Thoughts

Leaving a legacy of the digital assets to loved ones has been made possible and safer than before by C2Legacy. An invention of Marie-Antoinette Tichler, C2Legacy is a digital Assets Management Platform that uses C2L tokens to facilitate transactions. Connect with C2Legacy via Facebook and Twitter or visit their website C2Legacy.io to learn more and stay up to date on their upcoming token launch.