How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

Are you someone who is looking for a job; here are few things which can help you to boost your job hunting.

1. Fist and foremost build a great resume (take help from seniors, industry experts, and online tools)

2. If possible customize your resume and cover letter according to the prospective employer

3. Tell your network that you are looking for a job (more than 70% jobs are filled by networking)

4. Don’t apply to each and every job; have a target employer strategy

5. Create profiles on major job hunt portals which are famous in your country (LinkedIn is a must) and update it frequently so that the consultant gets to know you are actively looking for a job

6. Getting a call from an employer is just a beginning; prepare for the interviews seriously

7. For interview preparation ask them what all they are expecting from you (you can always do online courses to improve your subject knowledge)

8. After all the interviews If you don’t get the job ask for the feedback (try, fail, learn, succeed)