Nine Tips to Improve your Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Hemant parmar
Jan 27, 2018 · 2 min read

The cross-platform mobile app development is a bit different process than native app designing. Therefore, we have presented some useful tips for cross-platform developers to implement.

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1 — Make Your Cross-platform App Users Feel At Home: Mobile OS platforms release updates of design guidelines, and app developers should follow the design guidelines to make users feel at home.

2 — Use UI Frameworks: Manage tons of UI components, styles, patterns, and animation in hybrid app design without an organized framework is tough, and many frameworks offer tools to do it effectively.

3 — Performance Optimization: Performance is vital to cross-platform mobile app success. The heavy animations, multimedia components, and backward compatibility are performance eating issues, and developers have to manage it.

4 — Native-like Header Bar: The header bar is an important UI element in app design and developer should mimic the header bar design with a native-look.

5 — Justify High-Resolution Screens: smart mobile devices favoring high-resolution screens more and more and compels app developer to optimize images with double or triple dimensions to manage retina display.

6 — Justify System Fonts: The system fonts are vital to give excellent native-like font experiences and the system fonts for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms are differing from each other. Cross-platform app developers have to manage system fonts with individual coding for each platform.

7- Manage Perceived Speed: Perceived speed is different from actual speed, and it becomes essential to divert the attention of users towards something else to retain the interest of users in the app.

8 — Use Scrolling Righteously: For cross-platform app development, developers have to manage the scrolling through coding.

9 — Managing Touch Gestures: Touch gesture support is important to simulate native-like mobile experiences, and use of QuoJS and Hammer.js like libraries support various touch gestures coding.

If you are interested in cross-platform app development and wish to dive deeper in the subject, please read our full texts at “9 Tips for Managing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development” or contact the support team of SysBunny for your cross-platform mobile app development project.

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