The Man who lived !

They are coming. He could sense footsteps from a distance. The man in white turban and grey shirt was hiding behind a tree, on his one hand hung a shining axe and on other, arms of a baby boy. Man have heard the stories of these ruthless riders, who will sally to a village, cut throats of everyone who came their way, burn the huts and leave. Today it was their village. Village have already been vacated, with only few of them remaining and they too were running for their life. The footsteps grew louder and man knew the horse is coming behind him. He started running. On the horse sat an enormously huge man, with his chest as big as sky and shoulders strong like rocks. With the giant now following him, he ran harder. But he could not have escaped, no one ever have. The giant from the horse pushed the man, he fell on the ground, gasping but still tightly holding the boy hand. Giant took out his sword, ready to cut the man in pieces. As he lowered his sword with full force to hit the man, the little boy took the axe from his father to stop the attack. The sword hit the axe just above his father’s chest with boy holding it tightly. In front of the giant, stood a little boy, of the age of 7. His eyes were glittering blue. With his ferocious face, he was looking at the giant. The giant could not believe what just happened. His every stroke have always splashed blood. But not today. The boy turned his hand, twisting his axe multiple times with such a force that sword went swirling in the air. The Giant stood, aghast. The boy took a deep breath and hurled the axe on giant’s stomach. It pierced him. His eyes wide open, in disbelief. “Who are you?”, the only words his lips could mutter, before falling to the ground. The man said in pride, “He is my son, Kudlu”.