Cloud by default.

It is an interesting time in technology ecosystem in South East Asia. Quite often, People ask me question about my opinion on cloud computing and the trends I see in the IT Infrastructure.

Having worked with some very interesting companies across South East Asia and running the technology infrastructures for them. In last couple of years, I saw a new normal of IT Infrastructure emerge.

This is 2015 and I don’t have to defend cloud computing and how various forms of virtualization or containerization benefits an organization. My reference to term ‘cloud computing’ here includes everything people talk in context of public/private cloud, IaaS, PaaS, hosted services etc.

While there still might be reasons for people to run their infrastructure in old school way, i.e Do-It-Yourself all from scratch. For sure, none of those reasons favor agility, speed and innovation for the business.

For many companies (small startups or large), cloud is the default choice.

Want to know why I am so convinced about it? watch my 8 min talk where I present my case. [see below]