Promote Feedback Don’t Fight Bad Reviews, Just Add More Good Ones

Disney, the notorious media conglomerate, has a stringent policy of attacking individuals that go after their brand. They have a lot to protect, of course, and a team of lawyers to close things down before it hurts their (mostly) family-friendly image.

A lot can be learned from Disney, actually, in regards to their strict practices and willingness to attack. The lesson with Disney is to perhaps not do what they do, creating a wealth of enemies as they confront and close down any opposition. The tactful response may be to let it slide.

Responding to Bad Reviews

This is the delicate balance of handling online reviews. Obviously, very few businesses work on the scale of Disney and their brand is not as universally known. But, that does not make it unimportant. A solid argument could be made for going after all bad reviews by either getting them removed (which is often impossible) or responding to them directly (which is common on collecting sites, such as Yelp and Metacritic).

An argument can also be made to forget about the bad reviews. Aggregate sites often take an average. Instead of attacking the reviews, like Disney so often does, respond to them fairly and honestly. After this, move on.

The Positive Fight

The average of all online reputation management will work itself out if a company instead focuses on adding positive reviews instead of destroying bad ones. The bad reviews are a lesson. Curve the average by promoting positive feedback, using channels of customer response and transparency to promote good reviews that shrink the bad ones. There is an art form to selecting how and what to confront and where to place added attention.

Thankfully, online review management software makes all these tasks far easier. Small businesses no longer have to delicately tread these waters in fear of stepping on the wrong toes. They can see the whole battlefield from above, and choose their decisions with careful and logical consideration. It is far easier to navigate a minefield when one can see the placements from above. Reputation software is the laser vision needed to choose where and how to tackle online reviews.