If you have ever visited Iran, I’m sure you’ve heard about the “Muharram” and the ceremonies that Iranians hold at the time. The phrase ‘Heyati’ refers to groups or delegations who gather to mourn the death of Imam Hossein during Muharram. Holding ceremonies like that require varieties of jobs to get done; From preparing the food to setting the scene and gathering people.

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The ceremony of Muharram in Iran.

I’ve seen a lot of Muharram ceremonies during the past years and, I came to the understanding that all these works are getting done in messy, stressful, and chaotic environments by unprofessional and youth volunteers; Yet amazingly done in such a short time! …

Parsa Abdollahi

Product Manager & Growth Hacker. Interested in Leadership, Startups, Products, Tech, Design, Agility, Scrum, Marketing, PR, Politics and some other stuff.

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