Pars Exchange a Secure Crypto Exchange.

ParsiCoin (PARS)
Dec 11, 2019 · 1 min read

Pars Exchange is a Fast and Secure CryptoCurrency Exchange , with a variety of Cryptocurrencies to choose, over than 20 coins are supported on Pars Exchange and the list is growing.

Some of the Pars Exchange features :

FEES : User to User Trading with a low Fee (0.05% on PARS Pair and 0.1% on other Pairs). No Deposit Fees and Very Low withdraw fee (all of the withdraw fees will go to the miners and it’s minimum fee to make a fast Transaction).

SECURITY : Cold Storage, scheduled automated backups, Strong Firewall, Google two factor authentication, Email two factor authentication, Separate Password for financial activities (withdraw,buy/sell).

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Private, Untraceable CryptoCurrency.

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