Persian turquoise stone (Neyshabur or Nishabur)

Persian Turquoise is a kind of gemstone. In Iran, its history dates back to Achaemenid empire. One of the most famous turquoise is Neyshabur turquoise stone which is extracted from Neyshabur (a city in Iran) mines. In this article we want introduce Neyshabur turquoise stone types to you.

Neyshabur turquoise stone is divided into two types after grinding and cutting: 1. Ajami and 2. Matrix

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Ajami turquoise stone

It is a type of turquois stone without any grain on its surface. It is known as “pure” or “smooth” in market. Because Ajami is rarer and purer than matrix turquoise stone, it has higher price than matrix turquoise stone.

Matrix turquoise stone

This type of turquoise stone has some grains on its surface. It is known as “matrix turquoise” in market. It is in blue and green, which is also called “spider web turquoise”. In some cases, golden pyrites are seen, which doubles beauty of turquoise stone.

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