Get The Most Surreal Photos On These Hikes In Norway


A dream travel destination, known for its glaciers, coastal fjords, northern lights and a midnight sun, making it one of the most beautiful and surreal places to visit.

With incredible sights that the mountains behold, the beauty of this place is absolutely worth capturing in photographs and is too by the best nature photographers of the world. A lot of times when you read an inspirational quote plastered on a breathtaking picture of a fjord, that’s partly Norway inspiring you.

A lot of out worldly hiking options are available across the country, enough to quench any soul’s wanderlust. The Northern lights provide some more spectacular scenery and can be seen distinctly from various spots that are a must visit for people traveling to Norway. Do check the northern lights forecast before you head over.

Norway is no one trick pony though, charming you with only its stunning natural assets. The abundance of beauty has inspired artists, local and global, to create a thriving art culture in Norway. 
This influence can be felt most of all in Oslo, the capital city, with attractions like modern sculpture parks, art hotels and numerous public and private art collections.
Most famous among them the Munch Museum, dedicated to the life and time of Edvard Munch, the not so famous painter behind the much more famous work of his, The Scream (1893)

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