The Best Selfie Phone of India.

Selfie Expert?
Welcome to Selfiestan?
Perfect selfie?
Do you recognize these? Of course you do! Its hard to escape these ads. From billboards to radios to movie theatres, they are everywhere. Trying to ride the global selfie frenzy driven by apps like snapchat, how do these phones actually match up to their lofty (and some plain dumb) taglines?

Yeh selfiestan hamaara hai. YAYYYYYYYY! ಠ_ಠ

In today’s world, selfies have become an integral part of people who use smartphones. It is all about which phone captures the best selfies or which phone takes quality pictures in low light conditions. Companies are fighting tooth and nail to claim the very-much-in-demand tag of “The Best Selfie Phone”. The phones i’m talking about all fall under the 20k price range. This is important for marketeers as 84% mobile sales in India are from the below 20k category.
This article is focused on shedding some light on the prominent features of some of these elite selfie phones available in the market

  1. Vivo V5 
    Highlight of the Vivo V5 has to be its 20 MP “Moonlight” camera. If there was a smartphone meant for taking selfies, this is surely the one. It is evident from the fact that the rear camera sports only 13 MP. It is a commonly mistaken factor though, to judge a phone’s camera from the mega-pixels it packs. It all comes down to the sensor quality, internal circuitry, lens, and last but not the least the external factor that come into play, for example, lighting, positioning and focus. There have been more than a few angry customers giving negative reviews about the front camera (yes, the 20 MP Moonlight cam). This shows mega-pixel figures can be deceiving. Other than camera specs, it is loaded with 4 GB of RAM, a 64-bit octa-core processor and a 3000 mAH battery which seem to be quite decent features to sum it up.
  2. Oppo F1 Plus
    The Oppo advertisement on television, featuring Hritik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor has definitely lured many people to buy an Oppo phone. Looks can be deceiving seems like an apt line to describe this smartphone. It features a front camera built upon ISOCELL technology (i’m still not sure what it stands for). But Oppo claims that it makes selfies free from interference between pixels and helps reduce noise in a picture. Its 1/3.1 inch sensor beats the sensor that comes in the Vivo V5, while the Oppo F1 boasts of a 16 MP front and a 10 MP rear camera, it hasn’t quite gotten positive reception from its buyers. It costs a hefty Rs. 23,000 which has received dismal reviews from customers who claim that it isn’t value for money. Public have also come out and complained that there isn’t an Android Marshmallow update rolling out for the phone either.
  3. Gionee S6s
    When it seemed like Oppo and Vivo will battle it out for the “best selfie phone” in stepped Gionee, and since they aired a commercial “Selfiestan” involving Alia Bhatt, Gionee have turned the tide in the smartphone market. Among these 3 phones, Gionee costs the least (just under 14K) and packs some phenomenal specifications making it a great selfie phone which also goes easy on your bank account! The Gionee S6s is armed with a 13 MP rear and a 8 MP front camera. As I explained earlier, more mega-pixels = better camera is a big fat lie. Featuring an HD display (1920x1080 pixels) and a 5.5 inch screen serves as a great package for entertainment needs. And that is not all, the phone is loaded with 3 GB RAM, internal memory of 32 GB and a 3150 battery, which beats both the smartphones compared earlier. There have been more than a few angry users voicing their concerns that the phone heats up even with normal usage. If Gionee can come up with a solution for this, they might have a champion when it comes to selfie phones.

To sum it up, the Gionee S6s seems like the best option for selfie addicts out there. Even though the Vivo V5 boasts a 20 MP front camera, lots of unhappy reviews have come its way. And when everyone wants a phone that runs Android Nougat, I don’t think users fancy using the Oppo F1 which hasn’t even rolled out a Marshmallow update. Finally, it all boils down to the Gionee S6s. The only con being the heating problem. I’ve seen companies roll out patches to fix the heating problem, and I’m sure Gionee can do the same. Other than this one problem, the smartphone seems to be flawless for selfie fans