Oct 24, 2017 · 2 min read

An Enquiry Into Myself

Who am I?

Who am I within this world, within this body of mine? Who am I if it wasn’t for my family and friends and the people around me. Who am I, if it wasn’t for the job that I go to every day. Who am I?

Who am I when I turn the lights out and nobody is watching? Who am I at work versus when around my friends? Who am I without the home that I live in, without the clothes that I wear, without the story of who I am.

The story from when I wake, who am I? What is the story of my career and my personality, my character and my hobbies? Who am I? The story of what I like and what I don’t like. The story of my strengths and weaknesses, who am I? Is there a chance that I can be more than what my thoughts believe?

Am I constrained to what other people believe? Who am I without the opinions and judgements of others? Can I actually be me? Who am I when I’m not pretending? Trying to fit into an idea that society receives? Can I actually be me?

Who am I without all of these external things that exist within this world? Or do they only exists within my mind? Who am I without external reality? Will I even exist? Or is there something more? Am I someone more? Other than what I thought?

Is there something inner that defines me? How can I find it, moreover, how can I feel it? Who am I that doesn’t change my mind consistently?

Constant questions to ask myself.

The could be daunting experience of finding yourself, is the one most important task to achieve, for oneself.

No man is free, who has not mastered himself.

Watch your world change as you dig a little deeper, finding more depth and more meaning about this world we live in. And most importantly finding the truth. The journey is a life-long process but if you’re not looking you shall never find it. Today is the greatest time to start.

The best realisation is that you can start now, by yourself. There is no need to pay to find out your true nature. Stay curious, stay inquisitive. You are actually already here, all you have to do is reveal.

The journey begins within…

What are you doing to enhance it?


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