I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

He said he ‘discovered’ men’s rights when he was working in a bookstore and at the age of 22. Then how he was talking about it in school when his friends used to feel uncomfortable? He mentions about a few books and immediately thinks Men’s rights is crap. Well, that is what happens when people try to be activists by reading books and without really understanding the topics. He also claims he is a sociology genius and here is me with no knowledge of sociology invite him for an open debate related to anything that he thinks shows our retard mind. This is clearly a feminist act who claimed that he is an egalitarian yet claims to be a feminist. Shows his confused state of mind.

He also said, he MRAs are more anti-feminists rather than being pro males. That is because feminists are criminals and MRAs are true egalitarians. They don’t want to cut down on female rights than hate feminist promoted myths and imaginative discrimination that leads to unnecessary advantage for them, creates a dangerous bias in the society.

I am not an expert in sociology, I merely run a successful blog on anti-feminism called The Male Factor which is completely based on Indian context. I invite anyone who wants to prove that MRAs are mental retards and want to have an open debate on MRA philosophy.

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