Here is the proof that man ‘Alone’ is responsible for all violence

In other words she said “Man ‘alone’ is responsible for all violence”

…and I found it to be true.

To understand this we need to understand two languages, i.e. English and Bengali. When we do this, we understand that what she was referring to.

The term ‘EKA’ is Bengali means ‘Alone’. So what she has said is ‘Man’ ‘Alone’ (=’eka’) is responsible for all violence. If we add these two we find ‘Man’ + ‘Eka’ = ‘Maneka’ is responsible for all violence. So indirectly she had given us a hint that it is she who is responsible for all violence in India.

To understand this we need to understand her role in India in spreading this violence. This is being done by spreading misandry in different forms in the country. We get a clarity if we see what WCD ministry has done in her tenure.

We find the following by following her ministry’s FB page–

July 14, 2014

The minister who is responsible for boys’ welfare says this –

The news in Hindi says — she wants underage boys should be tried like adult criminals.

I wonder what welfare the boys can expect from this ministry.

July 18, 2014

Minister wanted the commission that only looks at welfare of women to be at par with an agency supposed to look for welfare all human beings.

Men are probably not human beings.

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