Woman seriously hurt in Bangalore bus as men did not help her

When men are unnecessarily termed as molesters they refuse to help women even in dangerous situations, resulting in grievous injuries to her. The same has happened to a woman a few days ago in a Bangalore Volvo bus.

For those who do not have idea about Volvo buses running in Bangalore, these buses have a raised platform towards the backside of the bus. Normally there is a stair to climb the raised platform. The woman was occupying the right aisle seat of the second row in the raised platform, whereas I was occupying the aisle seat in the same row on the left side.

She had to stand up from her seat for something and was not holding anything when the bus applied sudden brake resulting her to strike a rod which she tried to grab initially in order to prevent herself from falling. But the jerk was so sudden that she could not withstand the thrust and went ahead and fell badly. She was hit directly in the head and then in her spine by another seat about 5 feet away.

There were three hands that went instantaneously to grab her and prevent her from falling. All three were from gentlemen. Two of them were occupying the aisle seats on the front rows in front of us and another was sitting where she exactly fell. But all of them retracted immediately and let her fall instead of grabbing her and getting headlines on news channel.

There was another woman sitting very close to the place where she fell but she didn’t stretch her hand to prevent this fall either.

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