Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint: The Perfect Marriage

There is perhaps no workplace in this world where Microsoft Office is not used. The Office 365 suite has only made the line of solutions even more popular than before. As far as cloud-based enterprise tools are concerned Office 365 seems to enjoy an immense amount of popularity.

There are several benefits of using tools that are as popular as these and one of the major ones among them is that they integrate quite well with other business software that may be equally useful. This means that the organisation using such integrated tools becomes more efficient than before and its productivity increases significantly as well.

Going mainstream

Office 365 is gaining more mainstream acceptability with each passing day and the same thing can be said about SharePoint online as well. SharePoint is the collaboration tool of Microsoft.

By using this particular tool several teams can work in unison in the same project. This way they are also able to get updates on a real time basis. By using tools such as these they do not have to endure the ordeal of e-mailing documents and then receiving some back just so that they can stay updated on what is happening in a project. All they need to do is log on to a single location and get to see all the documents in their latest version.

The importance of connection

It is very important that the two solutions are connected together in order for them to be productive in the truest sense of the word. Office 365 online trial could be an important part of creating this union. It should be a lot like the wife and the husband in a perfect marriage. There are a few things that information technology (IT) professionals should know when they are attempting to marry Office 365 and SharePoint and then making sure that they work well together.

How to make the connection

In order to make sure that this union is properly functional, the connection between Office 365 and SharePoint is done by way of using commands known as Connect to Office. These are right there in the SharePoint server itself. By using these commands you can add, remove, and manage connections to the software. However, this connection part can only be called the honeymoon of the marriage. It is just the beginning, a small part of the big journey. Your team needs to form a plan as to how it would be working with the new couple. Your admin needs to decide the projects that would have to be completed using SharePoint. It also needs to determine who would be given the right to view and edit a group on SharePoint. Decisions also need to taken as to how said rights shall be managed. Employees are always going to come and go and as such admin needs to come up with a strategy to create a system where permissions can be adjusted. This is a crucial work and needs to be done on a timely manner.

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