As soon as I started Flutter, I was amazed with the simplicity it brings to the app development. Flutter has almost everything I can imagine, it got create-flutter starter kit, hot reloading, unit testing framework and lots and lots of widgets.

That’s great, I have developed a “Hello world!”, everything looked cool and fast. This is good, how about building a real application with more complex functionality, state maintenance, connecting to Firestore, making api request, custom theme etc. OK Let’s do that, lets pull-up main.dart file and start writing code.

Wait a sec, should I put all my stuff in…

Here is the story — I started learning Python a week before and started to try out things on my own. Classes, variables, loops and packages — all the programming stuffs were so cool, but the real challenge was when I started working on building restful service and DEPLOY.

I will share the step by step procedure I followed, which will eventually make your application land in cloud as mine :)

Python3 and Flask-RESTful:

Assuming that Python and Pip are installed in your machine, lets start by creating a application folder, I call it is python-service-deployment.

Step 1: Virtual Environment:

Virtual environment helps…

If you are tired of finding a way to implement UI component with predictable state, you have landed in the right place.

I have put together a simple ToDo app with state maintained only in the top container component.

Poorly designed code usually takes more code to do the same things, often because the code quite literally does the same thing in several places.
― Martin Fowler

We will be building a ToDo app where you can add items, mark them as complete and undo it.

We are going to build the below components.

  1. todoAction.evt — Application event, will be…

Image result for chatbot

Bots are awesome, I thought of having my own personal assistant in Salesforce, who could do most common tasks for me based on my inputs in my own way. This could open up millions of opportunities to automate most of the tasks and the best thing is I can chat with my bot the way how I chat with my human assistant (if I have one :)).

In this article, I have explained on how to build your own Chatbot in API.AI and use it in Salesforce lightning. I have built this to greet me, answer some basic questions and…

Parthiban Sudhaman

Tech enthusiastic with a love for technology. Currently heading engineering division to convert the vision into reality @ EF, Bangalore.

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