Double Prices or Double Standards ?

I have been waiting to write my response since I attended the partners only webinar from “Fabien and Company” [ Yes, I will use this special term from now on for you know ….. ] and found about their new pricing.

Since the webinar, it has been attempted number of times to prove that the new pricing is actually “LOWER” than the older one and beneficial for everyone? REALLY ?? People Lie, Numbers Don’t.

Let’s go through the numbers. Feel free to correct me if they are wrong or “obfuscated.”

I’ll take EU region for the pricing as an example. All prices are in Euro.

Before NEW Pricing, the following was the prices in most of EU countries [ Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, etc. ], WITHOUT DEPENDENCY ON APPS was 22 Euro / User / Month on an Annual Contract.

Now, hence the “App Specific Charges” are part of pricing, we have to calculate based on the business profiles that use the apps.

To ease things, I have taken 4 most widely used business profiles wherein most SMEs are. Same as “Fabien and Company” has taken in the sheet shared with the community over email.

  1. Trading Business
  2. Service Business
  3. Manufacturing
  4. E-commerce Business

Now let’s “assume” which modules most of them would be using to “grow the business.”

To have a more Integrated business solution [which ERP are for ] and not only get just “part of the solution” because that is what customers demand, a complete solution and not half-baked thing.

1. Trading Business Scenario

  • Modules In Use
Modules which are ideal for use in Trading business scenario
  • Summary of Modules
Looks like to achieve the scenario; you have a 50–50 ratio of community modules and enterprise modules
  • Pricing

New Pricing = ( New Base Price * Number of users ) + sum of per App Price for selected apps {monthly modules cost }

[ e.g. For 1 user, (18 * 1) + 160 = 178) ]

So now the comparison clearly shows how new pricing impacts the user cases, up to 5 users you are hit with around 127% of price increase

However, who is impacted ?? why so much of fuss .

Now let’s look into the data that Fabien shared with community in email for the EMEA stats regarding Enterprise Contracts.

What I did here is just a small group by analysis about how many contracts in which user groups for EMEA Enterprise and voila, got the numbers that don’t lie.

It is very clear from their own data that the new price change of almost average double for their 48% of customer, and over all raise impacts 82% of the customer base.

Link to the sheet shared by Fabien :

What next came to my mind is why a user should be paying a per month app cost when the module itself is part of community application, and there is no other value addition to it using enterprise.

Let’s see other scenarios and see how it impacts other businesses.

2. Services Company

  • Modules in Use
Modules ideal for implementation of Integrated business solution in a service company
  • Summary of Modules
Summary of modules that shows clearly increasing dependency on Enterprise modules
  • Pricing
Pricing impacts, upto 10 users, you are going to pay DOUBLE compared to old price.

Overall EMEA stats remain the same.

3. Manufacturing Scenario

  • Modules in Use
  • Summary of Modules
  • Pricing

Overall impact on number of users in EMEA

4. Ecommerce Business

I’ll leave that up to you readers to figure it out based on your recipe to cook.

You can download the Google Sheet from here and calculate your self by selecting just the modules that you need.

From overall analysis, it is quite understandable that the NEW PRICE change is almost a double compared to the OLD PRICE and impacts more than 80% of the customers.

One of the most interesting fact that surfaced was the use “required” of enterprise module in any business scenario is increasing and users are asked to pay the price for the community modules as well. (slowclap) 👏 👏 👏

Double Standards !!

Communication has been always a tricky point with Fabien and company as people always criticize them for the same.

Taking a U turn from their own statements is something they are really improving at.

Now let’s look at the code and see what’s happening.

Incident 1. Moving marketing_campaign module to enterprise as it’s incomplete !!! really !!! then why it’s there in the system at first place ? Just for marketing ??

Incident 2. Moving account_accountant module to enterprise. Many of you would say, it’s not moved actually feature of the module made hidden, okay ? then are those feature still usable just like before ? without opting for enterprise ? or any additional developments ?

Now all the modules and changes are made, let’s talk about rules and standards.

Irony …., So what would you consider such statements, political ? marketing? Love for the community? or a double standard?

Really ?? As per this CE should have got 16 new features and 4 new features in Odoo Enterprise? What Odoo Community Edition got for moving marketing to Odoo Enterprise?