How AR you doing?

I’m good. Thanks. Just wanted to share a very quick thought about birds of prey, AR and a prayer.

When I grew up as a boy in suburban Kolkata I saw vultures and kites hiiiiiiiigh up in the sky. They would sometimes swoop down on our lunch-break-leftovers or circle over distant dead animals in hopes of some scavenging. Very rarely did we get a chance to really see these majestic birds up close.. I mean real close (not even in. the zoo). We associated these raptors with their functions and actions. And some pics and stories in books. That’s it.

Fast forward to today. My daughter who loves hanging out at a local natural history museum has seen life size replicas of these birds and petted their feathers, felt their talons and beaks. At the zoo she has seen them take minimal flight around their big-ass cages. But she has never ever seen a vulture, eagle or kite in flight. Hiiigh up in the sky. Swooping down occasionally. She has associated these birds of prey with their names, looks and anatomy and doesn’t know much about the full capacity of their functions. Not yet.

So…. We have a disconnect. I was disconnected as a boy from the form. My daughter is disconnected from the function.

This is where I see huge potential​ for AR (augmented reality).

Picture this: sight a vulture or kite high in the sky. Take a zoomed in picture. And the AR on your phone shows you details of the form, the anatomy, scientific name, if it’s endangered, etc. Conversely, snap a kite up close and the AR on your phone shows the bird take flight and just disappear hiiiigh away.

AR we looking at something like this in the near future? Pl educate me!

I pray we do.

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