When Yuvraj Singh hit my Quiz for a six

Every quiz master relies upon the passage of history to feed him or her questions on which to test the ability of the participants. I am no different. This isn’t a story about an well composed question about a 13th century incident in the heart of New Delhi that an equally competent participant would have cracked. No, this is about how history rewrote itself to disrupt the present of a quiz master. This is the story of how Yuvraj Singh hit a metaphorical seventh six in an over.

Let me rewind back to September 19th, 2007. A bunch of us had recently started a quiz club in Redmond, WA, in the headquarters of Microsoft. It was a honest venture by an enthusiastic set of people. I was conducting a ‘Cricket Quiz’ on that fated day. Contrary to intuition, it is a bit difficult to set a Cricket Quiz because it is a specialized subject. If you try to keep it too easy to accommodate the base, it makes it a cakewalk for the expert and if you try to challenge the expert, you end up alienating the base. I took a few days to get this together. Armed with the knowledge that over twenty participants were going to come to the quiz in this very nascent club, I tried to hit a sweet spot in the quiz.

One of the questions was

Complete the exhaustive list: Sir Garfield Sobers, Ravi Shastri, _________

The answer of course was Herschelle Gibbs as being the only three batsmen (until that date) to have hit sixes in an over in any form of first class cricket.

The quiz was due to happen at 6 pm PST and I had my printouts ready. And then it happened.

In a match played at Kingsmead, Durban between India and England at the T20 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh, spurred on by some words by Andrew Flintoff, took to Stuart Broad with a vengeance and hit six sixes in an over. I watched on in the morning with astonishment as this rare feat came to be. It was exhilarating and lit up my morning. It also made me realize that my question was no longer valid.

Yuvraj Singh changed my quiz by altering history hours before the quiz was to be conducted. I had to make a change alright and altered the question. The name of Gibbs was added to the list and the blank was left in honor of the man who had earned the right to be the answer that day. The legend of Yuvi spilt itself into the history of the Microsoft Quiz Club that day and left a smile on the face of the quiz master who still shakes his head in disbelief when he thinks of it.

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