Mobile Application Usage, Trends, Stats

Mobile trends and statistics includes multiple areas for mobile marketing- usage, application, and mobile search, video, mobile ad spend, shopping etc.

The evolution of mobile trends have took various memorable phases, such as billboard, radio ads back in 50s, Tv ads in 70s to online ads in late 90s and finally to mobile ads which took off after Apple’s revolutionary iphone launch in 2007.

The mobile users have shown incredible growth after 2014, according to a statistics, women spend more time on the mobile web and mobile apps than men. Moreover, the average time that people spend on apps have increased by 20% from 2014 to 2015.

The statistics further reveal that people spend 43% of their mobile app time on games, 26% on social networking, 10% on entertainment, 10% on utilities, 2% on news and productivity, 1% on health fitness and lifestyle, and 5% on others.

When it comes to the growth in the time spent on mobile apps, music stands at 79%, health and fitness 51%, social networking 49%, travel 28%, entertainment 22%, sports 16%, games 15% and news at 14%. The percentage of apps used more than 11 times increased by 39% in 2014.

These statistics can now help to determine trends of mobile apps. According to a stats, Only 5 out of 10 apps are used 10 times which are not resourceful as reported by Adobe, For all age groups as the top reason for deleting an app. Adobe’s report says successful apps must be useful, usable and best-in-class.

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